Calibration standards
Roughness and resolution standards for calibration and checking for optical and tactile measuring systems - production according to customer requirements.
Optics manufacturing
Production of individual, high-precision optics with almost any design specifications e.g. Aspheres, acylinders, free forms. With the highest level of accuracy - from individual items to series.
Measurement and characterization of optics and surfaces in terms of shape and roughness using optical and tactile measuring systems.
Optical correction
We correct your optics in terms of shape and accuracy and offer the repair and overhaul of optics with surface defects such as Scratches or point defects.

Trionplas Technologies GmbH

Trionplas Technologies GmbH produces individually shaped optics like aspheres, acylinders as well as free-form optics. The development of an innovative plasma technology enables Trionplas to realise a multitude of designs and to produce highly precise optical elements. We manufacture anything from a design study to single pieces to whole production lines and in exactly the design you require.

We offer everything from design and recalibration of non-classical free-form optics up to a diameter of 200mm as well as the modification and characterisation of surface forms. We work with fused silica, silicon, siliconcarbid and germanium with a precision of up to lambda/20.

Plasmajet technology


Our plasma jet technology results in the local chemical ablation of material by reactive gas jets which are created by microwave plasma sources. They can be used to design as well as modify forms. Combined with time retention processes run by computers and conventional polishing, this technology can produce any kind of surface modification possible.

The IOM spin-off Trionplas Technologies GmbH has won two first prizes in the award show hosted by the Metropolregion Mitteldeutschland in June 2018 in Gera. The company was able to impress with its innovative plasma jet technology for surface modification of individually formed optics. Further awards include the Clusterprize Chemistry/Synthetics as well as the local innovation award Leipzig.